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July 18th: Brookside Park-Broad St & Bay Ave, Bloomfield.  Outdoor Concert Series w/ Bob Marley Tribute band Duppy Conquerors.  Early Juggling by DJ Juggwise & Israyl.  FREE!!! 6:45-9PM. Rain location:Bloomfield High School

August 5th: 5th Annual MCA DAY.  Unlearn ft Jugg perform a set of rock/rap covers in honor of Adam Yauch(MCA from the Beastie Boys). Super surprise guests will be there. 12- 5 PM FREE!!! 

Littlefield 635 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY

August 19th:"Rude Summer" A Night of Ska/Reggae w/ The Rudie Crew ft Jugg and Rude Boy George.  OSPAC- 4 Boland Dr West Orange, NJ 7-9:30 PM. Right off Prospect Ave- FREE!!!




Juggwise aka Juggla

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Leave Babylon – Juggla

Believing the current position of hip-hop in particular and popular music in general to be in a troubled, watered-down state of downward progression, Juggla scrutinizes the state of affairs with a desire to educate, illuminate, and most importantly raise questions in the minds’ of his audience. Juggla’s newest release, Leave Babylon is a concept album that pulls from Rastafarian doctrine and traditional hip-hop culture. The Rasta concept of “Babylon” addresses the entire Western system; materialism, capitalism, and the ills of greed, selfishness, and vanity. He tactfully points out contradictions with this American society, its organizations, and corporations.  Juggla is more at home speaking out about living in a society that consumes and lives comfortably at the expense and exploitaton of the rest of the world than of the overused topics of most of hip-hop and reggae today.

The first song, “Youts of Babylon,” features Poor Righteous Teachers legend Wise Intelligent along with a soulful hook sung by New Jersey native Kendal and a roots-reggae verse by Brooklyn singer Israyl. "Youts" is a call to quell gun violence in America, especially in New Jersey, with Israyl closing out the song pleading, "dash weh di gun and live among the righteous." Juggla ends his verse chatting, "...the same ting gonna happen until the gun store get shut down." Juggla brings a dancehall edge to hip-hop or rap music; something he calls yard-hop, a Jamaican Patois laden hip-hop sub-genre. The songs “Find Us”, “Know How Fi Chat”, “Swine Flu,” and “Move” represent this meld of hip-hop and reggae with Juggla rapping in what he calls “Yard –talk.” Jamaica is often referred to as “Yard” to a majority of the Jamaican people. The song "Fela-Sophy" represents another sub-genre that Juggla coined, raprobeat (a combination of rap and Afro-beat), and features Ghanaian hip-life superstar Wanlov the Kubolor and New York underground emcee Preme Wyz from the 3rd Eye Navigators. “Fela-Sophy” pays tribute to the late, great Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the Afro-beat legend responsible for taking the music worldwide. Another raprobeat song, “In On Di Air,” incorporates both Afro-beat and reggae influences and is joined by New York underground greats, Solid Ground, from the End of the Weak (E.O.W.) movement.

The production for Leave Babylon was done mainly by Juggla. He also utilized some of the dopest producers in the New York/New Jersey area to contributing one beat each, namely Nick Wiz, Jess Jamez, Def Dom, Outthere and Nastee. The last song entitled “2012” was produced by Juggla and his backing band Pidgin Droppings. Pidgin Droppings, the 6 person fusion band, plays all the songs off of Leave Babylon adding a live edge to the culture vibe that permeates the album. They are currently playing at some of the best venues in the New York /New Jersey area.